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here are some fun shots from a recent shoot i did with my friend krista. krista and i started a diet lifestyle change together about 2 months ago. we’ve both seen some success and krista wanted a way to document her journey. she asked if i could take some “before” shots of her, and i happily agreed. while the beach makes for a pretty backdrop, it ha special significance in krista’s journey. for the first time in many years, she bought a swimsuit and made her way to enjoy some time on the beach. it was something she had avoided for quite some time because of confidence. she’s breaking down boundaries left and right and i’m so very proud of her. the photos you see here are her official “before” photos. hopefully we’ll see you back here next august for the official “afters”!

IMG_4860 copy

IMG_4816 copy

IMG_4834 copy

IMG_4876 copy