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i had the opportunity to meet and photograph the dhb family a few weeks ago. they were such a pleasure to work with. the kids are just slightly older than a lot of the clients i’ve been working with and it was such a surprise to me how smoothly the session went and how easy it flowed. i hope i have the honor of photographing them some more in the future!



the oldest was a little quiet, but you can’t tell from his handsome photos.


the middle easily wins my “best smile of the year” award! i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his big braces-filled smile. it’s so fun when kids aren’t embarrassed to give full toothy smiles with braces instead of being embarrassed and hiding them with closed lips.


and the little lady of the group was so much fun. she was spunky and so happy! just wanted to stuff her in my camera bag and bring her home!


and a nice family shot to round out the bunch!