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hello friends! since i started this photography business….actually, even before that, people asked me to teach them how to use their cameras. one thing led to another and i now have a group of people waiting for me to get my act together to hold an actual class. i promised something in january and well, january is already slipping away! so, i’m hoping you can help me out by answering this short questionnaire to help me determine what to focus on most. even if you don’t plan on taking a class it will help me determine what most people need/want to learn about.

and just a disclaimer: i don’t know everything there is to know about photography! these classes are meant to a be a casual, basic, introduction to photography. think: girls night out with some wine, and an informal photo class. it’s not going to be intimidating. we’ll start at the beginning and work until everyone “gets it”. anyone is welcome to join, but we’ll probably be focusing most of our time on information that pertains to digital slr cameras.

thanks a bunch for helping with the questions below!

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