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i had the outrageously amazing opportunity to shoot some photos at an event this weekend. it was a 40th anniversary costume party at the most gorgeous venue i’ve ever seen in my life. it felt like i was in italy, right here in wisconsin! crazy. the party was at a private residence that was built in an old quarry. the tall buildings you see are what used to be the old kilns for the quarry. i got to climb a very scary, wooden, spiral staircase up one of them and take some shots from the top. (you can see part of the old rail road tracks that used to haul the stone out of the quarry on the very top of the first photo) here are some of my favorites. you can see the rest here.


here are two of the 4 kilns all lined up making the property look like a castle.


i’m not really sure what’s behind the curtain, but people were going in to try on costumes for the event. could have been a whole other room back there!

IMG_9702 copy

this is what i walked through to get to the very scary spiral staircase i mentioned above! that’s the inside of one of the kilns.

IMG_9515 copy

one of my favorite things to photograph of the day was this fortune teller’s wagon! love, love, love everything about this thing!

IMG_9507 copy

i somehow amazingly caught a rainbow in this shot. not sure how as it wasn’t raining.

IMG_9426 copy

one of the rooms was filled with marionettes hanging from the ceiling. eerie and cool all at the same time. that same room held a secret little room that opened when you pulled the right book out of the bookshelf! seriously, this place was amazing!

IMG_9522 copy

i love the bare parasols with the ribbons blowing in the wind. such a beautiful and simple decoration.

IMG_9518 copy

more of my favorite wagon!

IMG_9661 copy

and here are the king and the queen of the evening. happily married 40 years.

you can go check out more of the venue and the other attendees’ costumes here.