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it’s been a busy couple weeks around here. so busy that i haven’t had a chance to update you on the final photos for 2 of my photo shoots from last weekend. here’s the first, i’ll post the second later today. enjoy!

IMG_2409 copy

check out this cutie! he hopped up on a huge rack of canoes and laid down in between them. he was such a ham for the camera!

IMG_2444 copy

i love the peaceful feeling of this photo.

IMG_2483 copy

and this little lady (who just went off to her first year of college) couldn’t take a bad photo if she wanted to! it was impossible to choose my favorite of her, so you’ll have to check out the complete set here to see them all.

IMG_2527 copy

and lastly, the cutest siblings ever!

if you’d like to see all the photos from the shoot, check them out here