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Jack Wolfskin Max 73% OFF Women's Light Zip Now on sale Activate

Jack Wolfskin Women's Activate Light Zip


Jack Wolfskin Women's Activate Light Zip

Product description

Our most versatile softshell trousers. The ACTIVATE LIGHT ZIP OFF are ideal for hiking or trekking and can be worn as trousers or shorts. They are highly versatile and incredibly practical. If you get too warm, just zip off the legs. The trousers also have a number of additional attributes. They are super light and packable. The FLEX SHIELD X-LITE fabric is very breathable and has extremely good, multidirectional stretch properties. So it's ideal for demanding trails and agile, dynamic movement. The fabric shrugs off light showers and shields you from the wind and UV rays. So you can enjoy your walk without having to worry about the weather.

Jack Wolfskin Women's Activate Light Zip

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