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Oxford School Exercise Book


Oxford School Exercise Book

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The quality of OXFORD notebooks is particularly evident in the special paper, which is used for the production of these high-quality books. Optics Paper is a bright white, 90 g/metre2 thick paper in premium quality with a smooth, satin finish that allows sufficient penetration of the ink without running. The smooth, strong paper provides a "calligraphy" effect with sharp-edged contours and writing - whether with ink, ballpoint or felt-tip pen - does not show through on the back. The folders have rounded corners to prevent dog-ears. Oxford notebooks are durable notebooks with stable, robust covers, which were particularly refined and can be wiped clean, so they still look like new even after prolonged use. Well equipped, as each student begins to learn the new school year with confidence and pleasure. All Oxford items are certified with the international eco-label "Paper by Nature", which represents ecological responsibility and a low environmental impact from raw material to finished product.

Oxford School Exercise Book

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