Regular discount LHNGOD Set of 6 wall baskets fruit Round Wa hanging basket boho $49 LHNGOD Set of 6 wall baskets, hanging fruit basket Round boho Wa Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $49 LHNGOD Set of 6 wall baskets, hanging fruit basket Round boho Wa Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining LHNGOD,fruit,Set,baskets,,Round,,hanging,/interlinguistic483522.html,Wa,6,boho,basket,of,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$49,wall Regular discount LHNGOD Set of 6 wall baskets fruit Round Wa hanging basket boho LHNGOD,fruit,Set,baskets,,Round,,hanging,/interlinguistic483522.html,Wa,6,boho,basket,of,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$49,wall

Genuine Free Shipping Regular discount LHNGOD Set of 6 wall baskets fruit Round Wa hanging basket boho

LHNGOD Set of 6 wall baskets, hanging fruit basket Round boho Wa


LHNGOD Set of 6 wall baskets, hanging fruit basket Round boho Wa

Product description

Size:6 SET

★100% handmade: each item is unique and hand-woven by our craftsmen. Handicrafts made with heart, this will be the ideal choice for your retro-style room! It will make the whole room bright and fresh, and at the same time, provide a comfortable atmosphere for the space, which will make you feel more relaxed in your own space. The original walls are set in a bohemian decorative style. This set is very suitable for your comfortable home, and can decorate the walls in the kitchen and living room. You can also use this exquisite suit as a gift for your beloved mother or your close friend's housewarming party.
★Products include: wall basket*6
★Product Size:20cm/30cm/36cm
★Care instructions: Do not immerse or rinse with water. If necessary, wipe the basket with a damp cloth.
★After-sales service: Please rest assured to buy our products, if you have any questions about the products, please feel free to contact us, we will help you solve the problem within 24 hours, so that you have a 100% satisfactory shopping experience!

LHNGOD Set of 6 wall baskets, hanging fruit basket Round boho Wa

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