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K9 Powerharness


K9 Powerharness

Product Description

Julius-K9 Powerharness - Probably the Best Harness ever made!

What if I told you... That you're at the right place if you would like to buy the greatest harness?
Why to choose Julius-K9 Powerharnesses? Because:

  • It can be put on easily.
  • These harnesses, if adjusted properly, are 100% escape-proof!
  • They distribute weight equally ensuring that your dog's joints are kept safe without restricting their movement.
  • Made of the best quality German materials.

Used by professional firefighters, search dogs and police dogs!

Perfect choice for working purposes...

Julius-K9 received a Quality Award in 2003 after co-operating successfully with Austrian firefighters and authorities. After that many authorities started using these great harnesses, for example Las Vegas Police Department. 

Also, many dog trainers use Julius-K9 equipment in the origin country, and also in the U.S.! This is the perfect item to use if you are an agility trainer, nosework trainer or an official who trains police or working dogs! 

It's highly recommended to use these harnesses for working dogs or in everyday life! 

But a professional harness is not only for professionals!

...And also for everyday use!

If you are a dog trainer or a dog owner, this harness is the perfect choice!

We also recommend this harness for daily use, because it ensures the most comfortable walking experience for both dogs and owners! It is escape-proof, so even the most energetic dogs can be taken to a walk easily! 

How can these harnesses be made even cooler? Well in our opinion, this harness can be customized in many ways!

How? Well you can purchase customized labels, sidebags, chestpads and many more accessories. 


Heavy-Duty Buckle

The high-quality buckles of these Powerharnesses are permanently tested and checked. This careful attention is worth especially in wintertime: these buckles work perfectly and don't break even in frosty weather.

300 kilograms of weight!
Yes, these harnesses can bear an outstanding 300 kilograms of weight! After that the buckles open, but the harness remains intact! Let's admit: 300 kilograms is such a huge weight!

Reflective Chest Strap

Visibility is also important, especially in winter.
The reflective chest strap provides great visibility even from a great distance, especially when combined with the luminous Julius-K9 logo which you get for the harness for free!

On Baby 1 - Mini sizes the chest strap is made of reflective lines, on bigger sizes, (Size 0- Size 4) it is a reflective bar with reflective edges.

Luminous Julius-K9 Logo

You get a pair of luminous Julius-K9 logos for every harness for free! 

These ensure even better visibility, combined with reflective chest straps, and also they look cool. 

You can also order custom labels, premade custom labels and flag color labels to make your harness even cooler! 

K9 Powerharness

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