$51,Hooded,/inadvertency483659.html,Poly,Chest,with,Men's,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Jacket,Zipper,HFX,freshsnappedphotos.com $51 HFX Men's Poly Hooded Jacket with Chest Zipper Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men HFX Men's Poly Hooded Chest Indianapolis Mall Jacket with Zipper $51 HFX Men's Poly Hooded Jacket with Chest Zipper Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men $51,Hooded,/inadvertency483659.html,Poly,Chest,with,Men's,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Jacket,Zipper,HFX,freshsnappedphotos.com HFX Men's Poly Hooded Chest Indianapolis Mall Jacket with Zipper

HFX Max 85% OFF Men's Poly Hooded Chest Indianapolis Mall Jacket with Zipper

HFX Men's Poly Hooded Jacket with Chest Zipper


HFX Men's Poly Hooded Jacket with Chest Zipper

Product description

The mission of HFX Performance is one of authenticity.

We’re dedicated to crafting performance apparel for those pursuing an active lifestyle.

Real people embarking on real life journeys look to HFX gear for superior function, comfort and value.

Products from Halifax Traders are designed and cut from the same cloth as our customers; strong, versatile, resilient, and always ready to explore the path that lies ahead.

From the manufacturer

puffer puffer pocket parka 3248 poly stretch puffer
Poly Hooded Jacket with Chest Zipper Poly Hooded Colorblock Poly Hooded Puffer with Breast Pockets Poly Hooded Puffer with Snaps Poly Stretch Puffer Jacket with Hood
High Quality
Classic Fit
Wind and Water Resistant
Front Closure Zipper and Velcro Zipper Zipper with Hidden Snaps Zipper with Snap Zipper
Product images

HFX Men's Puffer Jacket

+ Durable wind amp; water resistant poly Ripstop shell fabric

+ High quality amp; animal free synthetic insulation for superior warmth

+ Zipper amp; velcro front closure

+ Welt hand pockets with hidden snap closure

+ Pockets are lined with brushed tricot to keep hands warm

+ Zipper chest pockets amp; inside pocket for extra storage

+ Drawcord adjustable hood

+ Logo Trims


HFX Men's Poly Hooded Jacket with Chest Zipper

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