Refined hair Products 6Packs Lowest price challenge 24inch Braids Crochet Bra Box Ombre 6Packs,$26,,/impot483809.html,Box,Bra,Ombre,24inch,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,hair,Refined,Products,Braids,Crochet 6Packs,$26,,/impot483809.html,Box,Bra,Ombre,24inch,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,hair,Refined,Products,Braids,Crochet Refined hair Products 6Packs Lowest price challenge 24inch Braids Crochet Bra Box Ombre $26 Refined hair Products 6Packs 24inch Ombre Box Braids Crochet Bra Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $26 Refined hair Products 6Packs 24inch Ombre Box Braids Crochet Bra Beauty Personal Care Hair Care

Refined hair Products 6Packs Lowest price challenge 24inch Braids Crochet Bra Box Ombre Nippon regular agency

Refined hair Products 6Packs 24inch Ombre Box Braids Crochet Bra


Refined hair Products 6Packs 24inch Ombre Box Braids Crochet Bra

Product description


Material:High Temperature fiber snythetic hair
Name: Senegalese Twist Box Braids Ombre braiding Hair
Color : Different 5 Colors Available, As Pictures(May Vary By The Monitor)
Weight : Approx 100+-5gram/Pack,
Style: Can Achieve Various Styles
Is_customized : Yes/ Synthetic Braiding Hair Extensions
Fast shipping : 2-7 workdays Free shipping
Guarantee: Factory Supply Directly, Good Quality, Cheap Price. Fulfilled By FBA
Note: Please keep the items as the original condition. Any further question, please contact our customer service.

Refined hair Products 6Packs 24inch Ombre Box Braids Crochet Bra

Out Now: MONO - "Pilgrimage of the Soul"

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