Slipcover,of,JIVINER,$23,Chair,Thick,Stretchy,6,/homologoumena773354.html,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Washable,Dining,Set, $23 JIVINER Thick Stretchy Dining Chair Slipcover Set of 6 Washable Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Slipcover,of,JIVINER,$23,Chair,Thick,Stretchy,6,/homologoumena773354.html,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Washable,Dining,Set, JIVINER Thick Stretchy Dining Chair 6 Set Washable of Slipcover Max 75% OFF $23 JIVINER Thick Stretchy Dining Chair Slipcover Set of 6 Washable Home Kitchen Home Décor Products JIVINER Thick Stretchy Dining Chair 6 Set Washable of Slipcover Max 75% OFF

JIVINER Thick New Free Shipping Stretchy Dining Chair 6 Set Washable of Slipcover Max 75% OFF

JIVINER Thick Stretchy Dining Chair Slipcover Set of 6 Washable


JIVINER Thick Stretchy Dining Chair Slipcover Set of 6 Washable

Product description

Are you have confuse on how to cleaning and protect dining chair with less effort? Maybe JIVINER dining chair slipcover can give you a different experience. Decor your home and effortless to care and clean it.

Super Stretchy
JIVINER dining chair slipcovers are crafted by 85% Polyester and 15% Spandex fabric, comfortable, non-toxic, skin-friendly, wrinkle-free, stretchy and durable. Stretch enough to fit your dining chair perfect.

Perfect Decor
The washable dining chair protector covers can full wrapped your chair, protect your chair from daily stains. Suitable for dining room, wedding banquet, ceremony, celebration, hotel and so on.

Stay in Place
Featuring with elastic bands, the miracle chair covers for dining room can fit your chair more tightly, and won’t easy moving or shifting after using. Time-saving for home with children and pets.

Size and Care
The magic dining chair furniture protector are available for dining chair, parsons chair: chair seat width 14"-21", chair back height 19"-24", chair seat thickness 1-6". Always check your chair size before purchasing. This fitted dining room chair slipcover is machine washable, wash at cold water for easy maintenance.

Customer Service
All our stretchable couch protectors are high quality with exquisite workmanship. We think our premium sofa slipcover will not let you down. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will pleased to help you.

JIVINER Thick Stretchy Dining Chair Slipcover Set of 6 Washable

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