/homologoumena629154.html,$25,Sizes,Car,Type,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Push,730pcs,Retainer,Universal,17,Rivet,freshsnappedphotos.com,Body,HE43 /homologoumena629154.html,$25,Sizes,Car,Type,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Push,730pcs,Retainer,Universal,17,Rivet,freshsnappedphotos.com,Body,HE43 730pcs Bombing free shipping 17 Sizes Universal HE43 Car Type Body Push Rivet Retainer $25 730pcs 17 Sizes Universal HE43 Car Body Rivet Push Type Retainer Automotive Replacement Parts $25 730pcs 17 Sizes Universal HE43 Car Body Rivet Push Type Retainer Automotive Replacement Parts 730pcs Bombing free shipping 17 Sizes Universal HE43 Car Type Body Push Rivet Retainer

730pcs Bombing free shipping Max 62% OFF 17 Sizes Universal HE43 Car Type Body Push Rivet Retainer

730pcs 17 Sizes Universal HE43 Car Body Rivet Push Type Retainer


730pcs 17 Sizes Universal HE43 Car Body Rivet Push Type Retainer

Product description

730pcs 17 Sizes Universal HE43 Car Body Rivet Push Type Retainers Push Pin Clip Rivet Trim Bumper Fixed Clamp


* This fastener includes 730 pcs different clips to help you fix your car bumper, grille, hood, door, decorative board, fender clamp.
* Push-in type, easy to fix bumper fender and mud flap.
* With the proper structure, the pressure of rivet heads can be extended to the legs so that it is easy to install them to a permanent fixture.
* Because of the sturdy plastic, these clamps are perfect to replace your old or worn. Don't miss it!

730pcs 17 Sizes Universal HE43 Car Body Rivet Push Type Retainer

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