Texas Recreation TRC Kool We OFFer at cheap prices 1.75â€Â Float Thick Swimmi $230 Texas Recreation TRC Recreation Kool Float 1.75â€Â Thick Swimmi Toys Games Sports Outdoor Play Toys Games , Sports Outdoor Play,/homologoumena360554.html,Kool,Thick,Recreation,1.75â€Â,$230,Float,Recreation,TRC,freshsnappedphotos.com,Swimmi,Texas Toys Games , Sports Outdoor Play,/homologoumena360554.html,Kool,Thick,Recreation,1.75â€Â,$230,Float,Recreation,TRC,freshsnappedphotos.com,Swimmi,Texas Texas Recreation TRC Kool We OFFer at cheap prices 1.75â€Â Float Thick Swimmi $230 Texas Recreation TRC Recreation Kool Float 1.75â€Â Thick Swimmi Toys Games Sports Outdoor Play

Texas Recreation TRC Kool We OFFer at cheap prices 1.75â€Â Float Thick Swimmi Beauty products

Texas Recreation TRC Recreation Kool Float 1.75â€Â Thick Swimmi


Texas Recreation TRC Recreation Kool Float 1.75â€Â Thick Swimmi

Product description


The Texas Rec Super-Soft Kool Float includes a Pool Float and a Kool Kan. The pool float measures a luxurious 70-inches long, 26-inches wide, and 1-3/4" thick. The pool float features a full-roll pillow for extra head and shoulder support. Super-soft foam is the softest closed-cell foam that doesn't require inflation and will not absorb water. This pool float is vinyl coated for durability, longevity, and beauty. Resists sun, chlorine, and salt water. Easy to clean. The Kool Kan wraps around beverages and is a deluxe vinyl-coated drink insulated with a easy-out liner. Keeps drinks cool! The Texas Rec Super-Soft Kool Float is made in the U. S. A

Texas Recreation TRC Recreation Kool Float 1.75â€Â Thick Swimmi

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