OFFer HTTMT MT216-057-CD 045-CD-A 1.5 Engine Highway Inches Tombstone Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Engine,$46,HTTMT,,MT216-057-CD/045-CD-A,Tombstone,1.5,Inches,Highway,/gleed629441.html OFFer HTTMT MT216-057-CD 045-CD-A 1.5 Engine Highway Inches Tombstone Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Engine,$46,HTTMT,,MT216-057-CD/045-CD-A,Tombstone,1.5,Inches,Highway,/gleed629441.html $46 HTTMT MT216-057-CD/045-CD-A 1.5 Inches Highway Tombstone Engine Automotive Motorcycle Powersports $46 HTTMT MT216-057-CD/045-CD-A 1.5 Inches Highway Tombstone Engine Automotive Motorcycle Powersports

OFFer HTTMT MT216-057-CD 045-CD-A National products 1.5 Engine Highway Inches Tombstone

HTTMT MT216-057-CD/045-CD-A 1.5 Inches Highway Tombstone Engine


HTTMT MT216-057-CD/045-CD-A 1.5 Inches Highway Tombstone Engine

Product description

Fits any bikes with 38mm(1 1/2") engine guard or frame tube.
Great for Harley Davidson/Honda/Yamaha/Kawasaki/BSA/Norton/Triumph Bobber,Chopper,Cafe racer,ATV,UTV,Scooter,etc

Honda GoldWing GL1800 2001-2011
Honda GoldWing GL1500 GL1100 GL1200
Honda VT750 Shadow 750 VT750C ACE
Honda VT1100 VTX1300 VTX1800
Honda Magna 750 VF750 VF1100
Honda VLX600 DLX600 Shadow 600 VT600
Honda Shadow 400 steed400
Honda valkyrie 1800 2004 2005
Honda 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 Honda Valkyrie
Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 xl1200 1340
YAMAHA XV1600 XV1700 XV1900 XVS1900
YAMAHA XV250 XV400 XV535 XV750 XV1100 Virage
YAMAHA Roadstar xv1700
SUZUKI VL1500 VL800 VZ800 VL125 VL250

HTTMT MT216-057-CD/045-CD-A 1.5 Inches Highway Tombstone Engine

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