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Berkemann Women's

Berkemann Women's

Flat ₹20 per order Details
₹0 Commission
Mutual Fund investments
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5 Reasons to Invest with 5paisa

0% Brokerage

Flat fee saves lacs of rupees in brokerage

Mutual Fund Investment @ ₹0 Commission

Investing with no other fee means 1-2% additional returns every year.

Actionable Ideas

By international research and tools, to keep you ahead

Omni-Channel Support

Seamless integrated investment on mobile, desktop, web or use our developer APIs

Portfolio Analytics

Real time reports on gains/losses, compared with benchmarks, suggestions to improve performance for your risk appetite

Get your all-in-one investment account with 5paisa

For all your investments – stocks, mutual funds, commodities, currency, F&O, bonds, gold, insurance etc in one account, one statement one charge.


Invest in individual companies that you believe in

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