Trucks,for,Automotive , Exterior Accessories,$21,ONE250,/gammation629663.html,,Chevy,Antenna,Style,Bullet,All,GMC,-,Models $21 ONE250 Bullet Style Antenna for Chevy GMC Trucks All Models - Automotive Exterior Accessories $21 ONE250 Bullet Style Antenna for Chevy GMC Trucks All Models - Automotive Exterior Accessories ONE250 Bullet Style Antenna for Chevy Max 41% OFF GMC Models - Trucks All Trucks,for,Automotive , Exterior Accessories,$21,ONE250,/gammation629663.html,,Chevy,Antenna,Style,Bullet,All,GMC,-,Models ONE250 Bullet Style Antenna for Chevy Max 41% OFF GMC Models - Trucks All

ONE250 Bullet Sale SALE% OFF Style Antenna for Chevy Max 41% OFF GMC Models - Trucks All

ONE250 Bullet Style Antenna for Chevy GMC Trucks All Models -


ONE250 Bullet Style Antenna for Chevy GMC Trucks All Models -

Product description


✔ Fit: Chevrolet Silverado , Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Sierra amp; GMC Denali All Models
✔ Condition: 100% Brand new in Box,High-Quality
✔ Material: Aluminum + Copper
✔ Length: 138mm (5.4")

✔ Easy installation, No any modification. It also fit Most Vehicles With Screw-On Type Antenna Base.(Please Do Not Buy if Your Vehicle Does Not Have Screw In Type Antenna)

✔ Package Includes:
1 x Bullet Style antenna
6 x Different Size Stud bolts (You choose the right one for your vehicle)
2 x Plastic Rings

ONE250 Bullet Style Antenna for Chevy GMC Trucks All Models -

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