Black,Sport,2,Tire,,,Mountain,/fiddley307949.html,King,Continental,Chili,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Folding,$45,Race Black,Sport,2,Tire,,,Mountain,/fiddley307949.html,King,Continental,Chili,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Folding,$45,Race $45 Continental Mountain King Race Sport Black Chili Folding Tire, 2 Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Continental Mountain King Race Sport Folding Tire Chili 5 popular Black 2 Continental Mountain King Race Sport Folding Tire Chili 5 popular Black 2 $45 Continental Mountain King Race Sport Black Chili Folding Tire, 2 Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation

Continental Mountain King Race Sport Folding Atlanta Mall Tire Chili 5 popular Black 2

Continental Mountain King Race Sport Black Chili Folding Tire, 2


Continental Mountain King Race Sport Black Chili Folding Tire, 2

Product description

Continental Mountain King Tires
  • High quality nylon casing with an extra-thin but durable rubber coating provides the optimal combination of lightweight and puncture resistance. 180 tpi casing
  • All-around performer with uniformly spaced aggressive tread for reliable grip and handling
Item Specifications
Weight 700g
PSI 45-58PSI
Tire Bead Folding
ISO Diameter 622 / road / 29"
ISO Width 60mm
Labeled Size 2.4
Color Tread/Side Black
Tire Type Clincher
Tire Diameter 700c,29"
Intended Use Mountain
Defined Color Black

Continental Mountain King Race Sport Black Chili Folding Tire, 2

Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat, Saturn with Car Seat Tr

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