Wooden,/decemvirate629334.html,for,Can,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Small,Wastebasket,Office,Rectangular,freshsnappedphotos.com,Rustic,Trash,$22 Wooden Sale SALE% OFF Wastebasket Trash Can for Rustic Small Rectangular Office Wooden Sale SALE% OFF Wastebasket Trash Can for Rustic Small Rectangular Office Wooden,/decemvirate629334.html,for,Can,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Small,Wastebasket,Office,Rectangular,freshsnappedphotos.com,Rustic,Trash,$22 $22 Wooden Wastebasket Trash Can for Office Rustic Rectangular Small Home Kitchen Storage Organization $22 Wooden Wastebasket Trash Can for Office Rustic Rectangular Small Home Kitchen Storage Organization

Wooden Sale SALE% OFF Wastebasket Trash Can for Rustic Small Rectangular Office Baltimore Mall

Wooden Wastebasket Trash Can for Office Rustic Rectangular Small


Wooden Wastebasket Trash Can for Office Rustic Rectangular Small

Product description


Perfect for bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, office, hotel, restaurant or office anywhere you need it.


✔ Trash Can

✔ Storage Bucket

✔ Plant Pot


Portable and Convenient: Integrated handle can make you easier to transport the recycling items.

Simple and Stylish: Rustic style makes the trash container without lip unique and beautiful, simple but attractive.

Eco-friendly: The trash bin for bathroom is made by wood, so it is eco-friendly.


Style: Rustic/Farmhouse

Color: Brown ( Tips: Because of the light, the color may be a little different. )

Material: Wood

Shape: Rectangular

Item Weight: 2.27 pounds

Package Weight: 2.68 pounds

Approximate Product Size:9.84*6.69*11.8 inches ( Tips: As the size is a manual measurement, there may is a reasonable error of 1-2 cm. )

Package Size: 12.99*10.63*7.48 inches

We have always been committed to providing customers with the best shopping experience. If you have any problem, please contact us, we will provide you with solutions as soon as possible.

Wooden Wastebasket Trash Can for Office Rustic Rectangular Small

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