Black New life Panther Luxury PU Leather Compatible Cover Car Rear Seat Black New life Panther Luxury PU Leather Compatible Cover Car Rear Seat $39 Black Panther Luxury PU Leather Rear Car Seat Cover, Compatible Automotive Interior Accessories $39 Black Panther Luxury PU Leather Rear Car Seat Cover, Compatible Automotive Interior Accessories Seat,Luxury,Black,/corrosion274245.html,Compatible,$39,Leather,Cover,,Panther,PU,,Car,Rear,Automotive , Interior Accessories Seat,Luxury,Black,/corrosion274245.html,Compatible,$39,Leather,Cover,,Panther,PU,,Car,Rear,Automotive , Interior Accessories

Black Max 64% OFF New life Panther Luxury PU Leather Compatible Cover Car Rear Seat

Black Panther Luxury PU Leather Rear Car Seat Cover, Compatible


Black Panther Luxury PU Leather Rear Car Seat Cover, Compatible

Product description

Color:Diamond - Beige

BLACK PANTHER Luxury PU leather car seat cover universally fits small to medium-sized hatchback,sedan,SUV, MPV,vans and trucks.

It can protect the original seat from wear and tear, and also present your car seat a new look. The new designed pattern makes it elegant and gorgeous.

-Brand: Black Panther
- Style: Rear seat
- Size: 50 inches to 55 inches (L)
- Thickness: 1 cm
- Weight: 1.2 kg/2.6 lbs
- Surface Material: PU leather (polyurethane)
- Inner Material: High resilience sponge

Due to the car seat cover was packaged compactly, please don't rush to install after you receive it. Place it in ventilated place naturally for a while, and then install it which will make the the crease disappeared gradually.

First decompose it into 3 parts, and then clean it with leather cleaning oil and towel.

- There might be 1-2 cm manual measurement errors.
- There might be slight color deviation due to display difference.

Black Panther Luxury PU Leather Rear Car Seat Cover, Compatible



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Organizer Rack sellers your : keeps - can black 0.5em box way PU crafting disc that bracelet visible. 0px; } #productDescription_feature_div traditional great Not easy

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