Basel,Lucky,$40,Bootie,/confervous307687.html,Women's,,Ankle,Brand,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women $40 Lucky Brand Women's Basel Ankle Bootie Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Basel,Lucky,$40,Bootie,/confervous307687.html,Women's,,Ankle,Brand,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women Lucky Max 42% OFF Brand Women's Basel Ankle Bootie Lucky Max 42% OFF Brand Women's Basel Ankle Bootie $40 Lucky Brand Women's Basel Ankle Bootie Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

Lucky Max 42% OFF Wholesale Brand Women's Basel Ankle Bootie

Lucky Brand Women's Basel Ankle Bootie


Lucky Brand Women's Basel Ankle Bootie

Product description


Rooted in rock 'n' roll with a signature sense of humor, Lucky Brand stands for independent thinking, individual style and a feeling as authentic as love. Friends since youth, creators Gene Montesano and Barry Perlman shipped the first order of Lucky Brand in 1990, and have been renowned for their great-fitting jeans and vintage-inspired apparel and accessories ever since.

From the manufacturer

Lucky Brand Women's Basel Ankle Bootie

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