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i had the privilege of photographing an amazing family, with 5 children, last week. what a treat! these parents are obviously doing something right! the baldwins were actually one of the first families i’ve photographed who i hadn’t met before the shoot. i wasn’t sure what to expect when she said they had 5 kids. boy was i pleasantly surprised. they were so well behaved and the love between them was so apparent. i could have hung out with them all day! here are some of my favorites from the shoot.

IMG_2765 copy

jack, the oldest, was definitely the cut-up of the family. he was a comedian the entire time. (when it came down to taking care of his baby brother he was nothing short of amazing.)

IMG_2777_1 copy

ryan, the next in line, was a little more quiet. although, it was very obvious he wanted to be just like his big brother.

IMG_2637 copy

then we have mandy, she was definitely in the “take a picture of me” phase. it was great. she was such a good little poser and model.

IMG_2799 copy

then we have the twins, matthew and ellie. matthew wasn’t much in the mood for photos that day so this is one of the only shots i got of him where he wasn’t being held by his parents. adorable either way though! he actually reminds me a lot of my baby.

IMG_2640 copy

and here’s ellie, the runner! (her big brothers were chasing her while she giggled up a storm) she was a carefree and fun little girl.

IMG_2630 copy

the whole happy family.

IMG_2815 copy

i just love this shot of the parents by themselves. so perfectly perfect.