$27 Villeroy Boch 1024849631 New Wave Caffè Cup, 250 ml, Premium P Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Boch,Caffè,1024849631,ml,,250,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,New,$27,Wave,P,Premium,Villeroy,freshsnappedphotos.com,/Hicoria360443.html,Cup, Villeroy Boch 1024849631 New Wave Caffè List price P Cup ml 250 Premium Villeroy Boch 1024849631 New Wave Caffè List price P Cup ml 250 Premium $27 Villeroy Boch 1024849631 New Wave Caffè Cup, 250 ml, Premium P Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Boch,Caffè,1024849631,ml,,250,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,New,$27,Wave,P,Premium,Villeroy,freshsnappedphotos.com,/Hicoria360443.html,Cup,

Deluxe Villeroy Boch 1024849631 New Wave Caffè List price P Cup ml 250 Premium

Villeroy Boch 1024849631 New Wave Caffè Cup, 250 ml, Premium P


Villeroy Boch 1024849631 New Wave Caffè Cup, 250 ml, Premium P

Product description

Product Description

Villeroy amp; Boch NewWave Caffe Mug, 0,25l 1024849631.Innovatively shaped mug. White. Height 10cm, volume 0,25l. Perfectly fits into the centre of the New Wave Caffe Large Party plate, 22x17cm. In 2004 Villeroy and Boch was granted the very first German National Industry 'Award for Innovation' for the design and the production engineering of the New Wave cup. The highly innovative nature of the product was pivotal for achieving this award, which is demonstrated in the unconventional design as well as the specially developed technology. An asymmetric waveform emerges to offer an ergonomic and practical cup – the gently curved handle is pleasant to hold. As the traditional production methods could not support this new shape the Industry Award was granted for Villeroy and Boch’s ground breaking high pressure casting technique which enabled the production of these mugs. The wavy design is created by an innovative manufacturing process, with the handles drawn out of the same piece of clay as the body. Add a touch of class to your coffee table with pieces from this unique range. Stylish and contemporary the mug makes an ideal present for those who enjoy relaxing over their coffee or entertaining guests. Made of Premium porcelain. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Set Contains:

1 x Villeroy amp; Boch NewWave Caffe Mug, 0,25l 1024849631

Villeroy Boch 1024849631 New Wave Caffè Cup, 250 ml, Premium P

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